Criminal Testimonials:

While I was a member of the Boston Bruins, I was arrested for operating under the influence of alcohol in Charlestown District Court. Attorney Wayne persuaded the judge to view of the “crime scene,” so that he was able to see for himself that the allegations against me as described by the police, could not have been possible. Thanks to her hard work and expertise, I was acquitted of all charges against me. My case was reported in the sports section of the newspaper which was very funny to Judy because she never expected to appear on the sports page. – L.B.

I am a police officer and my wife obtained a 209A restraining order against me in Lynn District Court. Attorney Wayne was able to defend me successfully and in so doing, demonstrated that the allegations against me were false so that the case was ultimately dismissed. If she had not been successful, I would have lost my right to carry a firearm and would have lost my job. I have referred her to many police officers. – E.O.

When I was charged with an operating under the influence of alcohol, the breathalyzer reading was so high that if it had been accurate, most likely I would have been in a coma. Utilizing a chemist who took apart the breathalyzer, Attorney Wayne was able to demonstrate that the breathalyzer was not operating properly and as a result, the breathalyzer results against me were inadmissible at trial. Attorney Wayne won my case in Cambridge District Court. This matter was particularly troubling to my family because my brother is a police officer in the very town where I was arrested and the breathalyzer results of several cases after mine had to be suppressed because she was able to show that it wasn’t working right. – A.T.

Recently, I was charged with operating under the influence of alcohol for the fourth time. Before the trial, Attorney Wayne filed a Motion to Dismiss the case. She won the Motion and my case was dismissed. I am very grateful because I have a CDL license and had I been convicted, I would have lost my job. I would highly recommend her if you ever get in trouble. – S.C.

I was charged with several counts of possession of drugs with the intent to distribute and possession of drugs with the intent to distribute in a school zone and I was facing mandatory jail time for these offenses. Attorney Wayne filed lots of Motions and had the charges reduced so that I never had to go to jail. I was very happy. – A.G.

I live in a small town where the houses are very close to each other. My family and I have had an ongoing dispute with our neighbors. I was recently arrested and charged in Peabody District Court with possession of a firearm and I was facing serious consequences if the judge or jury had found me guilty. Through Attorney Wayne’s hard work and expertise, she was able to get the case dismissed and I was able to regain my license to carry and all of my weapons which had been confiscated by the police. – R.G.

Fifteen years ago, when I had just turned 18, my friends and I had been drinking and stupidly decided to climb a fence into a used car lot. I was charged with several misdemeanors and felonies. It was the one and only time in my life I ever did anything like that but the guilty finding prevented me from pursuing my career choice as a registered nurse. I met Attorney Wayne recently and she helped me get my record sealed. Not only am I an R.N. but I will soon be enrolling in school to become a nurse anesthetist which never would have happened without her help. She was so pleasant to work with and so efficient that occasionally I still stop by her office just to say hello. – M.B.

My wife and I have had a testy relationship throughout our marriage and she has gotten at least seven restraining orders against me. Attorney Wayne has gotten every one of those restraining orders dismissed. She also recommended that my wife and I go to counseling to learn how to deal with our differences. I like her style. – P.D.

My boyfriend was violent with me on several occasions, not only did Attorney Wayne assist me with criminal charges against him but she got me a significant cash settlement for the injuries I sustained because of his violence. – A.D.

I was charged with operating under the influence of alcohol in Court and while that case was pending, I was arrested again for the same offense. As the mother of two little girls, it was very important to me that I not be convicted of these offenses. Thanks to the help of Attorney Wayne I am home with my children and all is well. I highly recommend her. – K.M.

Domestic Testimonials:

My divorce involved a large estate and complicated business interests worth several million dollars. Attorney Wayne was able to protect my rights and interests throughout the entirety of my case and made sure that I got substantially more than I was even asking for at the outset of the case. Without Judy’s help, I don’t know what I would have done. I needed a lawyer who would take the reigns and handle my case zealously and effectively because I was very distraught during these proceedings. Judy was all of that and more! I recommend her to all of my friends facing legal hardships. – L.M.

Although I was born in another country and was married to a woman from that country, she did not wish to relocate to the United States when I did. However, neither of us wished to obtain a divorce. I moved to the United States and met someone I liked a lot. I told her up front that I was married. She moved into my home with her child, her sister and her sister’s child. I gave her a business to run and during the course of our relationship, bought several properties which were only in my name. The relationship ran its course and after we broke up, she hired a lawyer to sue me to establish a “constructive trust.” She also sued for breach of contract and quantum meruit (Latin for: “as much as she was worth”). Even though I was married to someone else, had she been successful in her lawsuit against me, she could have received more financial compensation than she would have if she had been my wife. Attorney Wayne won the case for me and I learned the importance of having an agreement to cohabit with someone. People today think prenuptial agreements are only necessary when they get married but I learned through Attorney Wayne’s hard work that if I enter into a “living together arrangement” with another person, I need to have an iron-clad agreement in place before I do so again. I have whole-heartedly recommended her on many occasions to several people. – R.M.

After twenty-five years of marriage, my spouse decided to divorce me. Before serving me with the divorce papers, her actions were premeditated, as she made sure that she withdrew most of the joint finances. Attorney Wayne was successfully able to obtain a very favorable property division for me. She also ensured that I would be free from the burdens of alimony. She was competent and professional and I would recommend her whole-heartedly to anyone going through a divorce. – L.B.

I needed to divorce my husband because he was involved in an alternative lifestyle. He had lots of family money which I did not think I would be entitled to. Attorney Wayne handled my divorce for me and helped me obtain the house free and clear and in my own name, adequate child support and a division of other assets. Because she represents both men and women, I have referred a lot of my friends to her. – L.K.

I live in New Mexico and never resided with my wife in Massachusetts. She filed a Complaint for Divorce in Massachusetts and Attorney Wayne got it dismissed for lack of jurisdiction, which is exactly what I wanted. – B.P.

My ex-wife sued me for an increase in alimony and she also sought an increase in child support. Attorney Wayne got the alimony terminated and the child support reduced. I am a police officer and I was very grateful for her hard work. – D.M

Personal Injury Testimonials:

Last year, I took my car to the carwash to get cleaned. After I got out of the car and was walking to the waiting area, I was struck by a car coming into the carwash and was severely injured. Attorney Wayne obtained a favorable settlement for me and I was very happy with her services. – A.M.

My boyfriend and I were going fishing on his father’s boat. We stopped at a yacht club to put gas in the boat and when my boyfriend’s father turned the key so that he could start the boat, the boat exploded, sending me several feet in the air, I was on fire and sustained burns all over my body. Attorney Wayne brought suit against several people for negligence and I was able to obtain a sizable amount of money. She was great to work with. – T.K.

While driving my car , I was hit by another vehicle and injured. Attorney Wayne settled my case and I was very happy with the result. – P.R.

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