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The realization that your marriage is ending can be one of the most painful experiences in your life. In fact, one Massachusetts judge tells litigants in her courtroom with the exception of losing a child, a divorce is the most painful experience in life. This may be true whether you want a divorce or whether it is your spouse who wants it. If you have children, you want to minimize the conflict to which they are exposed and that your own transition is as smooth as it can be. Accomplishing these goals requires the attention of an experienced divorce lawyer.

Attorney Judith A. Wayne has been guiding people through the divorce process for more than 30 years, and has the knowledge and the ability to handle the most complex cases. You can depend on Judith A. Wayne for zealous representation at this critical time in your life.

Call 781-691-9104 for a consultation. We are the only divorce law firm with offices in Marblehead, and represent clients throughout the North Shore and the Boston area. We also represent clients as far west as Pittsfield and as far east as Cape Cod and the Islands.

Helping You Make a Successful Transition to Life After Divorce

We are fully prepared to represent clients in contested divorce trials but are equally capable of resolving divorces by means of negotiation. Divorce can be a difficult experience, and our job is to guide you through the process to make it as painless as possible. We often work to resolve divorce issues through negotiation, saving our clients time, money and aggravation. In addition, we can refer to other resources that can help you deal with the challenges you face, such as divorce counselors and divorce support groups.

Attorney Judith A. Wayne is a certified conciliator and state-certified mediator who is skilled in finding out-of-court resolutions if a particular situation does not require a trial.

Comprehensive Massachusetts Divorce Representation

Our firm seeks resolutions to all issues that may arise in a divorce, including:

  • Child custody and visitation — We work tirelessly to protect our clients’ parental rights.
  • Child support — Our firm provides results-oriented representation during and after the divorce process.
  • Alimony — Massachusetts law regarding alimony has recently changed. Judith A. Wayne can advise and represent you.
  • Marital property division — We will work hard to obtain the best possible property settlement for you.
  • Business valuation and hidden assets — Cases involving these complex marital property issues require close attention during the division process.

We have successfully represented numerous clients in high net worth divorce cases and those involving complex property issues. In addition, we handle same-sex divorce, which under Massachusetts law is now nearly identical to the procedures for opposite-sex divorce.

Make Sure You Are Ready for a Divorce

Judith A. Wayne will never push you into getting a divorce. Instead, she will provide you, the client, with the information you need to make good decisions regarding this important subject. However, if you are ready, planning for divorce can provide many benefits.

In Massachusetts, there is a minimum waiting period of 90 days before a divorce decree becomes final, and consequently there are a significant number of couples who actually reconcile during this waiting period. However, you should do your best to be absolutely certain that your marriage is over before you go through the time and expense of a divorce.

Although Massachusetts technically does not have “legal separation,” we can help you file a Complaint for Separate Support if you want to live apart from your spouse. The benefit of filing such a complaint is that it can allows you to obtain child support, custody rights and a parenting time agreement schedule without being accused of desertion.

Contact an Experienced Divorce Lawyer Serving the North Shore And Massachusetts

We have successfully helped hundreds of clients obtain divorce decrees, and we are ready to help you through these difficult times. To schedule an appointment, call 781-691-9104 or contact us online.

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