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Contrary to popular belief, someone could be charged with an assault even if no actual physical harm occurred. In fact, mere violent threats may suffice. When facing charges in this rather complex and gray area of the law, it is highly advisable to retain the services of an experienced and dedicated attorney.

At The Law Offices of Judith A. Wayne & Associates. Wayne, we aggressively defend those accused of crimes in Massachusetts. Led by founding assault defense lawyer Judith Wayne, we have successfully defended hundreds of clients, and we are prepared to protect your rights and your future.

For a free initial consultation at our law offices, call 781-691-9104 or contact our law firm online. We defend clients in Massachusetts from as far west as Pittsfield to as far east as Cape Cod and the Islands, including the Boston area, Marblehead and the North Shore.

Strong Background Defending Clients Accused of Assault

An assault conviction carries severe consequences. Individuals found guilty of assault will serve jail time and have the conviction permanently affixed to their criminal record. This can make it extremely difficult to find a job, secure loans or obtain housing. We are committed to protecting our clients’ rights and futures to the fullest possible extent.

With more than 30 years of legal experience, we know how to build strong, comprehensive defenses against assault and battery charges stemming from:

  • Bar fights
  • Road rage
  • Domestic violence
  • Assault with a dangerous weapon
  • Assault with intent to rob or murder

We are committed to fully examining all aspects of the investigation and charges against each client. This includes making sure the evidence was obtained legally and the arrest was made properly. We are tough negotiators, often working with prosecutors to have the charges reduced or dismissed altogether. If a client gets convicted, we work diligently to have the jail time reduced or dismissed in lieu of community service or anger management counseling.

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