Personal Injury Results

T.K. v. A.D, K.D., P.P.Y.C. — While a passenger with her fiancé on a boat operated by her future father-in-law, Ms. K was severely injured when the boat exploded in Boston Harbor immediately after her future father-in-law had filled the tanks with gas. Suit was brought against the boat owners as well as the yacht club that had provided gas to the boat owner. This explosion was so severe that Logan International Airport had to be shut down for a brief period of time. On the eve of trial, both insurance companies made offers of settlement that were acceptable to the plaintiff.

H.M. v. C.M. — While a passenger in a vehicle driven by C.M. whose vehicle hit a telephone pole, H.M. was thrown through the windshield and suffered a fractured skull. The case was resolved with a sizeable award of damages to my client.

A.M. v. S.C.W. — While a patron at a car wash, my client was struck by a vehicle entering one of the bays of the facility and sustained serious, long-term injuries. The car wash as well as the operator of the motor vehicle were sued, and my client received a generous settlement from both insurance companies.

V.D. v. A.S. — While walking on a throw rug at a friend’s home, my client was seriously and permanently injured when the rug slid, causing him to fall and break several bones in his leg and hip. After he was successfully able to demonstrate the defendant’s negligence, he was awarded a significant sum of money.

M.F. et al. v. Mass Turnpike Authority — Plaintiff was operating a motor vehicle in the Sumner Tunnel in Boston and was stopped at the request of a Turnpike employee to allow a construction vehicle to pass. The vehicle struck her car, injuring her two (2) passengers and her when the car was pushed into the tunnel wall. All three (3) occupants of the vehicle were compensated by Massachusetts Turnpike Authority.

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