Family Law Results

D. v. C. — After an initial hearing at which my client was not represented by counsel, her husband obtained custody of their nine (9)-year-old daughter. I was hired to obtain custody of the children for Ms. C and after a protracted trial in Essex Probate Court, custody was ultimately returned to my client, along with a generous award of child support.

M. v. M. — After a lengthy trial in Essex Probate Court I was successfully able to obtain custody, child support, alimony and the greater share of the marital home for my client, as well as her share of her husband’s pension and health insurance.

S. v. T. — After a twenty five (25)-year marriage, husband left his wife for a much younger woman. As wife’s counsel, I was able to convince the trial judge that she should receive the marital home free and clear of the outstanding mortgage as well as the greater share of the money in the various brokerage accounts, while receiving fifty percent (50%) 401(k).

J.H. v. T.H. — Fearing for the safety of his children, a client hired me to obtain custody after allegations of neglect and abuse by wife and her boyfriend were substantiated. After a trial on the merits my client was successful in his Complaint for Custody.

P.H. v. C.H. — After being divorced for several years, husband hired me to obtain a modification of an alimony judgment in Suffolk Probate Court. Successfully demonstrating that the wife had not been forthcoming on prior and current financial statements, the judge granted his Complaint for Modification.

M.P. v. D.P. — After leaving her husband for another man, my client hired me to seek custody of the two (2) minor children, which I was successfully able to do.

R.P. v. D.P. — Husband client, who greatly out-earned his wife, requested my representation for a divorce. He received 65 percent of the marital home compared to his wife’s 45 percent, was not ordered to pay alimony and received a 50 percent reduction in child support, among other things.

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